Angela is a self taught artist with a strong passion for trees.  Angela's trees all have their own personality, successfully capturing this in each of her paintings, Engaging the viewer to appreciate and see the trees in a new light. Angela's preferred medium is Acrylics which enables her to work quickly and keep a unique spontaneous feel for each tree.Working in many layers Angela manages to keep freedom, harmony and peace in each composition, which results in bright colourful naive paintings. How can we not find them enchanting to look at.


Hampshire Arts and Crafts open Exhibition, Rum'sEg Gallery,Romsey 2016

Beaulieu Fine Arts Hampshire 2016

Joie De Vivre Cobham 2016

Society of Women Artist,Mall Gallery, London 2015

St Barb Museum Lymington 2015

Gosport Gallery Hampshire 2010

Malvern Theatre Gallery 2009

Knapp Gallery Regent's College London 2008

Gallerytop Matlock 2008

The White Space Gallery Greenwich  2007

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists 2005-2006

Rugby Gallery Warwickshire 2005-2006

Artifex, Sutton Coldfield 2005-2010

The Wonderwall gallery Cirencester 2006-2010

Angela lives in the south of England with her partner and works from her studio at home.


Afternoon Moon: Acrylic on Linen 

Yellow Tree: Acrylic on linen  


Acrylic on Linen 


Skyline: Acrylic on Linen: Available  

Size 60 x 120cm £1450.00

Autumn Rust : Acrylic on Linen 


Pink Blossom : Acrylic on Linen {Sold} Commission only 


angela melkis - JDV commission.jpg

Blue : {Sold} commission Only  

Reading Contemporary Art Fair 2018

Reading Contemporary Art Fair 2018