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Henrietta Van Der Does

Henriette van der Does has taken up art around 15
years ago, in a complete turn around from her degree
in French language and literature.
Starting out as a sculptress during the first years she
also expresses herself in 2D media from 2005 onwards.
Her art is about emotion, movement and lines.
Especially the human figure holds an everlasting
fascination for her. ‘
Never the same: we are always
in motion both physically, emotionally and spiritually
Her sculptures are often without a title, inviting the viewer to enjoy the piece in their own unique manner.

Henriette is the current Chair of the Surrey Sculpture Society, an art society with over 300 members that organises a yearly exhibition calendar in places like RHS Wisley, RHS Hyde Hall, Landmark Arts Centre, Birtley House amongst others.

Henriette accepts commission work and also teaches art to both children and adults. You can find out more on her website:
In 2013 she qualified as an art psychotherapist and has started her own private practice, working with both children and adults. You can find out more on her other website: www.

Both lines of work are continuously diverging from and complimenting each other through an endless stream of human and thus emotional interaction and inspiration. This has resulted in her current portfolio of abstract paintings. Henriette was born in Holland and has lived in France, Colombia and Brazil where she was taught art by local artists. She came to the UK 23 years ago and has settled here with her two children. 

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